Kevin Bailey is the Democratic Committeeman of the 20th Ward and Candidate for Alderman of the 20th Ward. Born in St. Louis Missouri and raised on Chicago's Southside. Kevin's grandfather was the Bishop of the Church of God in Christ for East St. Louis; his mother is a Minister, he has several uncles who are Bishops and pastors throughout Illinois. As a youth, Kevin was involved in a number of community initiatives, including organizing local kids to assist the elderly, tutoring math and science after school, singing in the choir and leading the step group at his family's church, Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit here in Chicago.


Raised in Chicago's Southside and South Suburbs, Bailey learned the value of hard work, discipline, and dedication. Those values helped Bailey in his campaign for 20th Ward Alderman in 2015 where he challenged the incumbent in a runoff election.


With a passion for STEM programming (science, technology, engineering, and math), Bailey earned his Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As an engineer, Bailey has taken an Ethics Oath to dedicate his professional life to the protection and safety of the public. Kevin Bailey was the first black civil engineer over President Obama's high-speed rail project, ensuring safe construction and proper allocation of federal funds. Currently, Kevin works at IBM in Information Technology leading technology adaption around the world. 


At the University of Illinois, Kevin played on the Illini Football team (Rose Bowl Appearance in 2008) and Track & Field teams. The University honored Kevin as Engineer of the week, presenting him as one of the faces of the Undergraduate Civil Engineering program and featured in a number magazines including John Deer. 


Kevin, who is bilingual speaks Spanish, lived and studied in Valencia, Spain where he continued to study engineering. As a world traveler, he has traveled to Brazil, Africa, throughout Europe and South America engaging with the world's business needs and concerns. Upon returning to the United States, he earned a Certificate of Global Business Culture from the College of Business at the University of Illinois. 


Since becoming the 20th Ward Democratic Committeeman, Kevin has opened a community service office at 6248 S St. Lawrence, (773.599.7582) and aid in the development and promotion of several non-profits and businesses that provide shelter, food, address homelessness and substance and substance abuse. 


Kevin is most proud of his assistance to Seniors, Veterans, the Lady Wolves, Kevin Bailey Cheer and Dance Team, led by Coach Tonya Radcliffe, Richard Gallion Entertainment and Lupus Awareness with Bravo Television's Nakita Nicci. 


Bailey currently resides in the Washington Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL.



  • Supported Congressman Danny Davis for many years including this year. The door to door volunteering, phone banking and committee engagement.  He has worked and continues to work on Congressman Davis’ Economic Development Committee chaired by Cherita Logan. Most recently, they collaborated to resist Trump’s Tax plan.



  • Supported Governor Quinn for 2014 election



  • Collaborated with Commissioner Steel on, health care coordination and advocacy, school policy and parental engagement.

  • A supporter of Clerk Dorothy Brown passing petitions, door knocking, coordinating voter drives and absentee ballots for students who attended the University of Illinois but from Chicago.

  • Partnered with Commissioner Richard Boykin on violence prevention, community listening tours for constituent guidance, root cause analysis on issues such as crime, unemployment, and recidivism.

  • Consulted subject matter Commissioners on best practices to maximize the efficiency of their offices, technology to minimize the cost to the taxpayer and make way for job growth.



  • Supported a number of City Council Members including Committeeman David Moore, Committeeman Chris Taliaferro and more by passing petitions and door knocking.


Other Contributions:

  • Supported State Senator Obama’s run for United States Senator as coordinator under the leadership of Congressman Danny Davis.  

  • Performed as assistant coordinator for Richard Boykin successful (2013) Cook County Commissioner race.

  • Supported Lekesha Purchase successful (2016) race for Springfield Township Trustee.  Ms. Purchase became the first Democrat to hold this position in over forty years.  She was the first woman and the first woman of color to hold this position.

  • Supported Dan Garbis successful (2016) race for Northlake school board.

  • Supported Rodney Alexander’s successful (2016) race for Proviso school board.

  • Cook County Democratic Party Committee on Voter Registration

  • Cook County Young Democrats Executive Board Member as Sargent of Arms



  • Participant in WPRAC – Washington Park Resident Advisory Council

  • Participant in  R.A.G.E.  (Residents Association of Greater Englewood)

  • Participant in the 7th District Quality of Life Task Force (Englewood)

  • Participate in the 7th District Faith-Based Community CAPS committee

  • Participant in the 1Woodlawn meetings

  • Participant in CAPS and BEAT meetings

  • Frazier Preparatory Academy School - Board Member

  • The University of Illinois – Community Board Member for the CHECK Program - a $20M grant focused on children’s health and coordination.

  • University of Michigan – Board Member of Fathers and Sons - a program focused on strengthening the family structure and relationship dynamics between fathers and sons.

  • HOOD HOPE supporter, a group that advocates for police accountability, youth programs, mental health and much more.

  • Lady Wolves Cheerleading supporter.

  • Wolf Pack Sports supporter

  • Organized a ward level veteran advocacy group

  • Organized an effort against illegal dumping

  • Organized senior citizen advocacy group

  • Advocate for Lupus Foundation of America alongside Bravo Television's Nakita Nicci



Violent crime has consistently been an issue in our community. This issue has interfered with the use and enjoyment of our neighborhood, community, and schools. My vision for challenging the current circumstances include but is not limited to the following:

  • Encouraging police accountability and transparency; proactive conflict resolution; and work/life balance to ensure quality community protection.

  • Lobbying for civilian elected police oversight committees.

  • Lobby to increase funding to hire more emergency service workers

  • Investment in infrastructure: concrete roads, rehabilitate bridges, wheelchair accessible sidewalks

  • Increase well-defined traffic patterns in the street by adding reflective stripping, delineators, and reflective pods to separate directional traffic

  • Add additional lighting for increased comfort and safety

  • Encourage community engagement at CAPs and BEAT meetings

  • Facilitate Precinct Captains, Block Clubs and neighborhood watch

  • Establish emergency phones throughout the community



Financial hardships, economic downturns, and violence plague our community.  This issue must be addressed in order to promote a sustainable community that fosters growth and opportunity. My vision for challenging the current circumstances include but is not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive planning to engage small businesses, efforts to streamline licensing and increase access to capital.

  • Create workshops to benefit the household, develop trade skills, increase financial literacy and raise awareness concerning resources for homeownership.

  • Lobbying for the abolishment of speed and red light cameras.

  • Research opportunities for advancing and increasing manufacturing

  • Expand business development opportunities

  • Development of our transportation infrastructure and logistics opportunities

  • Increase tourism and variety of entertainment

  • Invest in innovation and local business owners



The current status of our education system needs addressing. Issues that need to be resolved within education range from lack of student morale and acceptable behavior to lack of vocational programs and technology in the public school system. My vision for challenging the current circumstances include but is not limited to the following:

  • Development of Art Programs (Formal & Performance) in order to spark creativity and imagination.

  • Increasing After-School Programs, Safety, and Security in order to uplift student morale and decrease the amount of violence and poor behavior.

  • Investment in Vocational Education & Technology in order to provide the training, support, and knowledge for a successful future.

  • Advocating for a range of local school choices.



Community demographics, public policies, and the current funding patterns have affected our access to and quality of health and human services. The issues we currently face is in desperate need of attention. My vision for challenging the current circumstances include but is not limited to the following:   

  • Redirecting the current funding patterns to carve new paths, which provide for access to primary health care, health awareness workshops, nutrition awareness, community fitness events, and an increase in awareness pertaining to the importance of health and life insurance.

  • Attract new mental health professionals and facilities

  • Establish a new Trauma Center to serve the community



"To improve the quality of life for all residents of the 20th Ward"  - Kevin M. Bailey

© 2018 by Citizens to Elect Kevin Bailey